Broadband for the Country Man




I cannot get to the Internet try:


1) Check the CAT5 cable from your router to our POE (the yellow one in the picture below). Disconnect each end and then reconnect and try the internet. Be careful not to disconnect the CAT5 cable that goes out to the Antenna.


2) Reboot your router by pulling the power plug, counting to ten and the plugging it back in.



3) Open the command prompt from Start (lower left corner) > Programs > Accessories. Once the command window is open type ping and hit enter. If you have internet access then you will get a response that is something like:

Reply from bytes=32 time=21ms TTL=51


If you get:

Request timed out

then you do not have internet access.


If you have internet access and your browser cannot access the internet then browser has either some bad settings or needs to be reinstalled or updated.


If you do not have internet access then go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.

Select set up a connection or network and follow the instructions. You may have to reboot your computer to make the connection.


Contact us if it seems that the internet is down.


I cannot get my e-mail:

You can get you e-mail either with an e-mail program like Outlook or Thunderbird or from our e-mail website. You will need the following information to set up your e-mail.


Our e-mail server is (incoming e-mail):

Our SMTP server is (outgoing e-mail):

User name will look like:

Please check authentication required and enter your password. We give you a password and unfortunately our e-mail system will not allow the user to change his own password. So if you would like another password please call us and we will gladly change it for you.





Go to Tools and Account Settings then select the e-mail account and go to Server settings. It is a POP mail server. The server name is:


Go to tools then

Account Settings then

Outgoing Server (SMTP) then the

Outgoing Server (SMTP) setting window and add the server name:



Our e-mail server page is:

Then type in your username which will look like:

followed by your password.



I want to turn off my old dialup:



Goto Start:

Goto Control Pannel:

Goto Internet Options:

Goto Connections tab:

Look at Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings

Select you dial-up connection and hit the REMOVE button.

Close the window.


I need computer service:

There are a number of companies that can provide computer repair and virus removal, some have online service (I do not know how well the online services work.) We also provide virus removal and computer repair at our Attica Store, click here.


If you have a virus problem we recommend downloading AVG free, Spybot 16.2 and either Adaware or Malwarebyte and running them on you computer. These are free to use and will remove most of the viruses that exist.

I want to do a speedtest:
There two speedtest sites that we use: and

When you do a speedtest you are actually measuring the unused bandwidth from your connection. If there are other devices that have linked up with your WiFi or connected into your router via cable then they are all using some bandwidth. Apple products will automatically link up and download without your knowledge. If there is anyother device connected at the same time then your speedtest will be lower than the real value. The most accurate speedtest number is when you unhook your router from our antenna and connect the antenna straight into your computer. Even then you lose some speed when you go out the speedtest server on the internet depending on how many speedtests are running on the server at the same time (there may be thousands).

There are two numbers given on a speedtest: X.XX Mbs down and Y.YY Mbs up. The Mbs is megabits per second not to be confused with MBs megabytes per second. There are 8 times more bits than bytes. The down is a measure of the speed of a download from the internet and the up is the speed of uploading to the internet such as sending e-mails. Our typical numbers are: 1.93-1.98 for 2Mbs down and 0.47-0.49 for 0.512Mbs up.