Broadband for the Country Man

The Respawn Point Network

125 N. Perry St.

Attica, IN 47918


Phone: 765-761-2049


We experience outages periodically. A few of them are planned because we are upgrading equipment or firmware. IF WE HAVE A PLANNED OUTAGE WE WILL TRY TO CONTACT THOSE WHO WILL BE AFFECTED VIA E-MAIL BEFORE THE OUTAGE. We also try to schedule planned outages after midnight if possible. If we have an unplanned outage we will use it to upgrade if possible while we restore the service. Our outages range from power outages, lightening strikes, high temperature effects, computer malfunctions and equipment failure. Please contact us if you have an outage. If you have a router please check all of your connections and reboot it (power cycle it) first before contacting us. Our goal is to have as few outages as possible and to get them restored within a couple of hours if we do have one. We have limited staff so we do not always have the time to return your call (we do get your calls) if we are repairing an outage. So please bear with us as we are scrambling around trying to find and fix the problem. This technology is not perfect and is susceptible to ice storms.


We are working on developing a method to log outages and to notify our customers about outages both planned and unplanned. We are considering a designated customer as a contact point for outages in each area to contact. If you would like to be a contact point please call us and volunteer. Thanks!


We've had several outages that have been caused by signal jamming, grain leg workers, snow storm lightening and our supplier down because of competitor damage. I hope we are out of the woods now. We have upgraded our equipment on several links with more powerful equipment. We have also rerouted the internet around the jamming area.  We've replaced all of the damaged equipment that we know about. As a result we are getting the most bandwidth that we’ve ever gotten through our network. 


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