Broadband for the Country Man




Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the cost of internet service from ResNet?

The pricing is here.


How do I contact ResNet?

You can call us at (765) 761-2049 or you can email us at Click here to get to our contact page.


What equipment do I need?

We will provide the equipment that you need to connect to the internet. We will install a CPE on your house that is aimed at our nearest AP (access point). Then we will run an ether net cable from the CPE to you computer or router. That is all that is needed. You will then be connected 24/7. We suggest that you install a firewall and antivirus software to minimize hacker activity. We can provide free software for that purpose; Zonealarm, Adaware, AVG, and Spybot are all available for download and free to use. We can install them for a fee if you desire,


Where do I send my check?

We are not currently accepting credit or debit cards. We accept checks, money orders and cash. If you wish to pay with cash please drop by our office in Attica at 101 N Perry St.


Send checks or money orders to:


P.O. Box 407

Attica, In 47918


What should I do if my internet is down?

I'm not going to say, send us an e-mail or visit our website. Call us at (765) 761-2049 and give us your name and address. We will work with you to determine if the outage is just at your location or in a larger area. We will post an area outage on our website blog. We try to resolve all internet outages within a couple of hours if possible. Our goal is to have no outages at all. If you can get on-line you can click here to send us a problem report. We are notified immediately when a report is sent.


What do I do if I do not know if the problem is my computer or the internet equipment?

We have the equipment to test your internet connection right up to your computer or router. Please file a report here or call us at (765) 762-9255. We will test your connection and let you know if it is working. We will make sure it is working. If that does not clear up your problem please contact us and we will visit your house to check the internet equipment if needed. We can also service your router or computer as well but will have to charge for that service. Click here for our service prices. We want to eliminate the "it's their problem not us" merry-go-round.


What should I do if the internet is slow?

Go to and run the test. The download number should be at or near 2.0 Mbs and the upload number should be at or near 0.5 Mbs. Make sure you are not downloading something on another computer on your network otherwise the rates will be lower.


What happens if I am late on this month's payment?

Our policy is here under terms and conditions. Please either e-mail us at ( or call us at (765) 761-2049 to make arrangements.


How can I get help on my internet or computer problem?

We have a troubleshooting page here. This gives the troubleshooting steps some basic problems. We add additional problems as we have the time.


How can I protect my computer and router during a storm?

When you know a storm is approaching unplug the cat5 cable that comes into your house from the little black box marked POE. You should also unplug the power from the POE. When the storm is over you should plug the two back in. You will have to wait a couple of minutes before the internet is restored. You may have to unplug and restart your router after you have restored the POE connections.